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                      our service tenet

                      Our service idea: Makes your work brief and efficient.
                      Service team: our service team with great passion, willing to dedicate, brave to take responsibility.
                      Our guarantee: with your suggestions, requirement, complain, will receive our reply in 24 hours.

                      What can we do?

                      Our facility: Press forging machine 8 lines, including 400 T, 630T, 1000T, 1200 T, 1600 T. Biggest forged products can produce is 35 kgs. CNC machine centre. Automatic chain welding machine.

                      Test: Breaking test
                               Fatiuge test
                               Salt spray test
                               Magnaflux crack detection

                      Products standard: rigging hardware have US, DIN, BS, JIS, Italy type.

                      Scaffolding products: European type, US type, southeast Asia type.

                      R & D: We have our research team, can design and optimized products with Customers' requirement.

                      We can produce drop forged, stamp, welding, cast products. Stainless steel drop forged products, aluminum forged products.