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                      ABOUT Hitec Co. Ltd

                      We are the biggest supplier for towing accessories in China, our company is the first can produce drop forged 316 stainless steel shackle, turnbuckle, wire rope clip and eye bolts in China. with more than 27 years experience.


                      Qingdao Hitec Hardware Co., Ltd is one of the leading supplier for Towing, Mooring, Lashing, lifting products in China, provide high quality products for more than 60 countries and areas worldwide.

                      The history from 1991, founder of Jimmy Yu started to work at a big state-owned company: Shandong Metal and Mineral Imp & Exp company, in charge of chain, hooks, anchors, stainless steel rigging hardware sales in North America, he like the work. After many years working, he have more and more interested in these products, spend more spare time to learn related knowledge of metal and production method, study how to improve quality and safety of these products. At that time, state-owned company too big and make decision very difficult. He found could not go further with his thinking, he want to do something proud of himself, develop more difficulty products to meet customer demand. In 1999, he left the company start to work with his thinking, founded Qingdao Hitec Hardware Co., Ltd, register HITEC brand, hope the company will provide safe products, best service, to create value for customers.

                      Same year, Mr.Qingang as a engineer joint the company, he is very good at design, machine, testing. From that time HITEC growing quickly. Our main products: G70 towing products in series, mini J-hook, large J-hook 8" and 15", T-J hook, compact hook, fingertip hook, weldable grab hook, swivel J-hook, G70 and G80 clevis grab hook; Boat anchor PE coated, mushroom, river, navy ; stainless steel drop forged shackle, wire rope clip, turnbuckle, eye bolt, swivel, master link all succeeded in large production. The stainless steel forged products used in Boeing air craft .

                      In 2003, we past Wal-Mart factory audit, supply marine products in large quantity. Year 2004, built our first factory to produce for Wal-Mart order.

                      In 2006, another factory built to produce construction hardware, such as steel plank, prop, guard rail, screw clamp, barrier, eye screw export to Europe, USA, Southeast Asia.

                      Today, Qingdao Hitec Hardware Co., Ltd is a group company, have 3 factory. The company is the biggest G70 towing series products supplier in China. The earliest company produce PE coated boat anchor, the first company have ability to produce stainless steel drop forged rigging hardware in China.

                      Qingdao Hitec Hardware Co., Ltd acquired ISO 9001:2008 management, and 4 CE certificates for rigging hardware products.